Letter to two major Liberal MPs concerned about electoral reform

Hon Stéphane Dion, and Justin Trudeau, députés House of Commons

November 17, 2012

Dear M Dion and Mr Trudeau,

We are writing you as two major Liberal MPs concerned about electoral reform. We urge members of the Liberal Party to adopt proportional...

Report on Town Hall on Electoral Reform

Nathalie Des Rosiers, Current Canadian Civil Liberties Association general counsel was our main speaker. She spoke about the Law Commission Report, “Voting Counts” which advocates how to make all votes count by using mixed-member proportional representation.

Brian Tanguay, a...

Ellen Michelson's talk on Four Fallacies of Canada's Electoral System:

Electoral Alliance member Ellen Michelson gave this presentation on September 20, 2012.

Elizabeth May's response to our Quest for Electoral Reform and Proportional Representation


Dear Electoral Alliance,

Thank you for your letter and for the research you’ve provided. I agree in principle with the recommendations contained in the Law Commission’s 2004 report, and believe that it represents a viable option for electoral reform in Canada....

Quest for Electoral Reform and Proportional Representation

An email to all MPs on June 30, 2012

To all our MPs,

The Canadian Electoral Alliance promotes electoral reform and proportional representation in particular.

We are pleased that the Law Commission of Canada, after extensive consultations across the country as well...

Unity candidates against Tories urged by local groups

CBC News June 12, 2012

Grassroots groups in some Ontario communities, including Peterborough and Kitchener-Waterloo, are talking about whether it might be possible for opposition parties to co-operate and run just one candidate per riding against Conservatives in the next federal...

Tim Harper: Uniting progressives at the grassroots level - Is Simcoe North Alone?

June 05, 2012 Toronto Star
Tim Harper

OTTAWA—In its most extreme form, it’s a merger.

More commonly, it is known as “loose co-operation,” or collaboration, or “uniting progressives.’’

Whatever you...

Elizabeth May replied to voter Susan Schellenberg's suggestion about party cooperation


Dear Ms. Schellenberg,

Thank you for your letter concerning party cooperation in Canada.
I have long advocated cooperation among the progressive voices in Canada.  Sadly, of other political leaders since I became leader of the Green Party, only Stephane...