Are Economic Growth and Environmental Sustainability Compatible?

Will Dubitsky’s November 29, 2013 article in Commonsense Canadian entitled, “Germany shows a thriving green economy is possible” argues that economic growth and environmental sustainability  can be pursued at the same time as evidenced by Germany’s thriving green economy.  See ...

Letter to all MPs - It’s About Time! Action on Climate Change through Electoral Reform

This is a copy of the letter that were sent to the MPs.  It was signed by 89 people at the November 28, 2013 It's About Time!! Action on Climate Change through Electoral Reform town hall

It’s About Time! Action on Climate Change through Electoral Reform

November 28, 2013...

Make Every Vote Count 2015 conference summary

Take a look here for what happened on the Sep 27-29, 2013 conference

NDP's commitment to Electoral Reform - MMP

Tom Mulcair, Leader of NDP replied to our letter re Proportional Representation is Crucial
...our commitment to electoral reform was again reinforced at our 2013 NDP Convention where delegates debated and passed a resolution in support of electoral reform. .......

Doing The Electoral Math

Silver Donald Cameron | featured debater

Fri, 08/30/2013


“I'm really happy Justin Trudeau's leading the Liberals,” said my friend. “God, I can't stand Harper! I can't wait for Justin to get...

Proportional Representation is Crucial


Letter to Tom Mulcair 
September 19, 2013
Tom Mulcair, MP, Leader of the Opposition 
Dear Mr Mulcair
  We see that you are on a “Roll up the Red Carpet” campaign to abolish the Senate, and that Craig...

Letter to Justin Trudeau on Cooperation and Proportional Representation

A letter was sent to the Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau....

Your party has not yet embraced proportional representation as the best means of electoral reform, although there are Liberal Party activists promoting it. Ironically, it was a Liberal-appointed Law Commission of Canada that...

Letter to MPs re Environics Poll on PR and Cooperation

Dear Members of Parliament,

On April 4, 2013 we received an Environics poll commissioned by It showed that a healthy majority of supporters of all political parties support moving towards a system of proportional representation in Canadian elections : Conservatives 62%,...

April 4 Town Hall Summary

John Deverell, Moderator of the Town Hall - Take Back Parliament: Is Proportional Representation the way?

There now appears to be a consensus among all political parties for a change in Canada’s “First Past the Post” (FPTP) electoral system.  The April 4, 2013 Leadnow-sponsored Environics...

April 4 Town Hall Summary of Proceedings


Moderator John Deverell, Guests speakers Peggy Nash (NDP), Carolyn Bennett (Liberal) and Jim Harris (Green Party)

Peggy Nash (NDF)

The way to overcome opposition towards proportional representation is through education at the grass roots level...