Government Passes Anti-Constitutional Surveillance Law During Ottawa Shooting

Adam Knox, shared on Canadian Electoral Alliance Facebook, 10/24/2014

Well they did it. They distracted us and when our backs were turned they 1984'd us. OCT 20TH, THE DAY THE SOLDIERS WERE RUN OVER IN QUEBEC, THE HARPER CONS PASSED BILL C13, THE ONLINE SPYING BILL THAT EVEN THE SUPREME COURT SAID WAS UNCONSTITUTIONAL. NO MAJOR NEWS OUTLET REPORTED IT BECAUSE OF HARPER'S TERRORISM COMMENTS ABOUT THE ATTACK ON THE SOLDIERS EARLIER IN THE HOUSE OF COMMONS THAT DAY. C13, WHICH WILL ALLOW INTERNET COMPANIES TO HAND OVER YOUR INFO WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT TO POLICE WITH IMMUNITY, WENT TO A VERY FAST 1ST READING IN THE SENATE ON THE 22ND. NOW THIS ATTACK HAPPENED ON THE 23RD. I WONDER WHAT THE SENATE WILL DO, THEIR LIGHTNING FAST SECOND READING WILL BE COMING UP SOON I'M SURE. THE PASSAGE OF THIS BILL IS ONE OF THE FASTEST FOR A SUPPOSED MATURE DEMOCRACY. THEY RAMMED IT THROUGH, CUT SHORT DEBATE, AND IGNORED THE ADVICE OF EXPERTS, LAWMAKERS, AND THE SUPREME COURT, NOT TO MENTION A HUGE PUBLIC OUTCRY. ALL OF THE ABOVE ARE FACTS, THE ARTICLE I'M POSTING LINKS TO THE SOURCES OF ALL THOSE FACTS AND MUCH, MUCH MORE. I beg all of you, please don't let them use fear to control us, this is not a conspiracy theory any more. The surveillance police state of 1984 is almost fully in place. If we let it get much further it will be too late to easily stop it. We must be vigilant, we must question authority, we must learn about the system, we must engage our communities, put aside pettiness and selfishness, and touch beyond the bubble of our friends and family. They have spent a century dividing and conquering us through media. Turning us against each other with silly notions of red vs blue, when we're all human and have very similar values when you throw out political ideology. Reading all of this really chills me. It's one thing to see them try and fail to enslave us, it's another thing to actually find out they're succeeding under our noses. Please everyone, START PAYING ATTENTION.