April 4 Town Hall Summary of Proceedings


Moderator John Deverell, Guests speakers Peggy Nash (NDP), Carolyn Bennett (Liberal) and Jim Harris (Green Party)

Peggy Nash (NDF)

The way to overcome opposition towards proportional representation is through education at the grass roots level....  So the key to success is to engage people and inform them about why a move towards proportional representation is a good thing. There may be more acceptance now than previously.  Who knows what will happen after the next general election?  We could make it happen if there is a minority government following the election.   

Carolyn Bennett (Liberal)

The lack of desire within parties and the lack of knowledge among the public are obstacles to the movement towards a form of proportional representation....The bottom up approach to interparty cooperation is better than the top down....   This is a huge problem for our democracy.  We need to get many more citizens involved in the policy development process within political parties.  

Jim Harris (Green)

My concluding remarks are a message of hope that people power with the help of the internet revolution can overwhelm the use of big money that is destroying our democracy....  Margaret Mead once said that a small group of people can change the world.  I am hopeful that electoral reform will come to Canada if enough Canadians rise up and demand it.  So join Fair Vote and continue to spread the knowledge about how proportional representation voting systems can fix our democracy and stop this outrageous unfair, un Canadian party and its robo calls.